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Photographer's name: Jean-Claude RANDIN

Nationality: Swiss

Place of residence: Yverdon-les-Bains (Switzerland)

Hobbies: photography, of course; aviation, office automation, reading

Private E-mail: jean-claude_randin@hispeed.ch

I was born in Yverdon-les-Bains, where I attended my elementary and secondary studies, as well as a business apprenticeship. My interest in photography began in 1967. By that time, I had the privilege to work as an editor in the Advertising Department of BOLEX - the company which commercialized the famous 16mm movie cameras bearing the same name, in particular the H-16 Reflex which is still produced today on demand by a small group of enthusiasts. My activities led me to get familiar with cinematographic techniques and, on the same occasion, with those very similar pertaining to photography.

When I was younger, I travelled a lot with a Nikkormat over my shoulder. To me, that camera was a faithful friend for many years. At the beginning of the eighties, I replaced it with a Canon Ae-1.

Since a few years, and little by little, digital cameras overtook analog cameras but did not really replace them (the well known Swiss photographer Marcel Imsand continues to work with his faithful Leica analog camera). At the beginning, I was rather reluctant to 'break the glass'; however, when I became aware of the extraordinary possibilities inherent to digital photography, I did not hesitate one second. In order to get used to that new technology, I firstly purchased a small Sony which was extremely helpful to me. Since 2008, I work with a Leica V-LUX fixed lens camera (a so-called 'bridge') equipped with a powerful zoom enabling me to make amazing aviation close-ups.
Since 2016, I work in parallel with a Panasonic FZ1000 which is very performing.

Although aviation is my passion, I am interested in everything. Therefore, my pictures do not concentrate on airplanes exclusively, but on various themes such as sceneries, flowers, birds, portraits, etc.

I sincerely hope that you will find the picture(s) you are looking for on this website.

Eagerly looking forward to meeting you on the web, I remain

Yours sincerely,


Jean-Claude Randin 




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